July 2016 :  School Holidays looming ........ this can be a stressful time as juggling work , children  and everyday household jobs is difficult , time consuming and often gives no time for yourself.

a few tips to help you through these rather stressful  few weeks:

1. Remember to look after your own mental well being first! as they say in airplanes while going through the safety briefing ' put your oxygen on first before helping anyone else' this is important , as you will not be any good for anyone if you are exhausted and stressed and then eventually ill!! so make time for what you enjoy doing to de stress, it could be a lovely relaxing bath with oils or bubbles or candles etc, or a walk in a beautiful garden /park or wood etc, or just listening to relaxing music or meditation , just take a small amount of 'time out' to re charge your batteries 

2. Children do not have to be entertained every minute of the holidays, let them find something fun to do , or give them a challenge that will keep them occupied without too much input from anyone else. perhaps a treasure hunt for younger children e.g. the roundest stone, longest leaf, snailshell, prettiest flower , straightest stick etc etc anything that may fire up imagination and give everyone a little de stress time. some baking for an older person so you have a lovely afternoon tea to look forward to!

3. Keep your fluid intake up, jugs of cold water in the fridge just ready to be poured ( slices of lemon or cucumber make it extra refreshing), you will then not be diving for the sweet drinks and then feel guilty. this also goes for food, if you have fruit already washed and chopped in the fridge like strawberry, blueberry , pineapple etc or carrot, pepper sticks it is easy to dip into those rather than feeling you need biscuits and sweets which, long term, do not make you feel good!

4. iI at work all day, with evening being lighter , try and get some exercise fitted in your daily routine, this will have a multitude of benefits, if you take the children out on a walk, as well, it will give you quality family time too! If you think it is the last thing you feel like doing, it probably means it is exactly the right thing to do! 

5. Do not forget , if you are getting stressed just slow your breathing down , just five breaths taking longer to breathe OUT than in , will help you feel calmer immediately, and you will be able to face what ever challenges are being thrown to you!!


best wishes Pippa