Since this time (over the past 18 years) she has continued to train in advanced hypnotherapy and counselling skills, including  Brainworking Recursive Therapy (BWRT® ) (under the tutelage of the founder Terence Watts), Rewind Techniques, CBT , Warrior Settler Nomad (WSN), M.A.G.I.C!  and more ..

Pippa loves the work she does, using gentle counselling skills and a variety of mind therapies , she is a great therapist, as she understands physical problems too! this enables her to treat her clients as a 'whole and not a label'  the mind and body cannot be separated!

Pippa's therapy really gets to the route cause of the wayward thinking patterns , that may cause the unwanted behaviour or habits etc, and then a new way is learnt so the 'old' unhelpful thought processes can be replaced. This means the behaviour/ thoughts/ habits that is required to be changed can be! 

Pippa is on the General Hypnotherapy Register, in the Hypnotherapy Directory,  Member Institute of Brainworking Recursive Therapists as an advanced therapist , a founder member of the British Brainworking Research Society ( BBRS) and  a member of the Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, she is registered with the CNHC which means she meets all the high standards set, and adheres to the professional code of conduct, and is up to date with ongoing professional development training.

Please give Pippa a ring to find out more about the therapies on offer

All appointments are in complete confidence, given in quiet peaceful surroundings.

Make today be your last day of negative thoughts and feelings …… and begin your new improved life!


Pippa Jamie DipHYP (ETUK) GQHP  MBBRS MAPHP MIBWRT CNHC ​is a busy fully qualified, registered hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and advanced BWRT®  practitioner . She originally qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist from The Middlesex Hospital London, and whilst working for many years as a physiotherapist she came to realise that many physical problems had a psychological base. This fascinated her, and after researching more into this, she decided to train as a Hypnotherapist at the Elestial School of Hypnotherapy, qualifying with distinction.


Please note that Thoughtspiration ! and Pippa Jamie do not guarantee the effectiveness of treatment in any individual cases.
It is important to understand that hypnotherapy and BWRT are not 'magic pills'. It requires that the client be committed to change and be prepared to make the effort to make that change a reality.
There is, of course, a considerable variation in the difficulty of the various problems and there is no general rule which makes it possible to say how much improvement can be achieved and in how much time.
The simpler problems can sometimes be overcome in one session - Hypnosis and BWRT can be extremely effective.. I am committed to using all my expertise available, so together i can help you reach your full potential
I will assess , and discuss with you ,how many sessions may be needed by the end of the initial consultation but if the problem is more complex, then we will jointly review progress from time to time.