2021 : Well what a year it has been with lockdowns and releases, covid and variants! I have found I have been seeing more clients worried about their health and fearing what the future might bring.

If this resonates with you read on ..... the most important thing to realise is that we cannot control everything and especially other people or the future! so we need to concentrate on ourselves and what we can control!

1. Try to limit the amount of news we see, read or listen to, as it is often very negatively biased and therefore will promote fear, and we have no idea how true any of it is, as its always someones interpretation of statistics and facts.

2. Focus on what we can control, a) our breathing rate ( slow it down and breathe a little deeper into the tummy) b) healthy eating, be sure we eat a well balanced diet, with a good mixture of vegetables so we have a healthy gut microbiome, and cut down on sugary foods, c) regular exercise, outside if at all possible, as vitamin D is very important for our immune system and general wellbeing, and even a brisk walk is good for our cardio vascular system and will help to increase motivation.

3. Try and get some good sleep, it is SO important for every part of our well being and it helps us see things rationally , as well as improve our body and mind maintenance, so do get in touch if that is something you are struggling with, as there are simple tricks and tools available that can help hugely with sleep.

4. Set some realistic goals that will be fun to aim for, even if they never actually get achieved. they may be long term goals ( a years time) , medium term goals ( about 6 months time) and then short term goals ( even a goal for the next day or a weeks time) these should be what you really want to happen , not things that you DONT want to be , so it could be 'reconnect with an old friend', it shouldn't be 'not feeling anxious any more' as that is negative and not specific enough!

5. Remember little steps, Care for yourself, and things will get better and better as you take back control of what you can control!! Good Luck and get in touch if you need any help!

best wishes Pippa x

2020 : Who would have thought this decade would come around SO quickly!

What are your dreams and wishes for the new decade? To make sure your dreams become reality , it is important that you can picture yourself fulfilling them , as if it has already happened, and picture it so vividly that you can actually FEEL what it is like to be living your dream in every way. It does not matter if that is with work, romance or just life in general.

Once you have your ideal self so vivid  - think about what positive steps are needed and what you are going to do to make this happen, as sadly by sitting at home and just wishing it will fall into your lap , just isn't going to work ! This exercise needs to be done regularly and the more vivid you can make it the better as it gives your brain a direction for travel and a goal to aim for. The goals can be both short term and long term, but keep checking in with yourself to make sure you are on track......

this is a VERY exciting time , yes there will be lows as well as highs ,but all will be well ,as you have everything you need inside of you to MAKE IT HAPPEN! ........GOOD LUCK!

Aug 2015: HI ALL, Exam results are now out, or out this week!! I so hope everyone has done as well as they thought possible, with all the hard work paying off! However if things haven't worked out quite as planned , do not worry! there are plenty of different routes to get to where you want to go, remember your skills, what makes you you? do not feel you have to follow the crowd and go to university, there are other options,​ apprenticeships, work experience, voluntary work, travel to expand your knowledge and gain confidence, this would give you time to work out what you are aiming for and which career suits your personality.

this is an interesting article if things go slightly off plan! http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/poppy-jamie/exam-results_b_7981660.html?utm_hp_ref=a-levels&ncid=tweetlnkushpmg00000067 

If you are feeling low in confidence etc why not give suggestion therapy such as hypnotherapy or WSN a try and you would be amazed how quickly and effectively it can change the way you think, or just try some deep relaxation to give your mind some 'time out' from worrying!

best wishes Pippa 

What is worry and stress​ ​Sept 2015: ​​Hi, Have you ever worried!!? what is worry  and stress, how can you help stop the worry and stress :-

What is worry / stress/ anxiety?
Worry / stress/ anxiety are inter related and overlap
 worry is a repetitive thinking or rumination, and functions to resolve threats or problems
 most things we worry about aren't true, one explanation is that since we were worried about it, we avoided it and therefore we are kept safe.
anxiety is an uncomfortable feeling of fear or apprehension or dread, the feeling of something bad is going to happen
 stress is a physical response to a threat, real or imagined, to meet challenges, like increasing heart rate, sweaty palms etc.
Most anger comes from things or people not matching expectations
good worry is worry that is solving a problem or has the potential to solve it
bad worry is circular, futile, and about things outside our control
worry can auto-suggest fear in something because you constantly think about it and can never change it.
How to help yourself decrease worry

serenity prayer "God grant me the serenity to accept things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference"

 How do we get more wisdom when were not sure of something?
1.  listen to wise friends or teachers
2.  take time/ sleep on it , so you get a different perspective the next day
3.  ask yourself: what would_( someone you admire or respect)__ do?(effective imagery technique), what would they say/do in this situation? or ask yourself what advice would you give to somebody else in your exact same circumstances
4. get involved in a relaxation practice ( listen to music, relaxing cds, 7:11breathing, meditation,yoga etc)

write down a list of your worries and separate them into 3 categories

1.) things you could change, 2.) things you cant change, 3.) things your not sure about
-if its something you can't change, accept it. Or try imagining what you would rather have happen instead, this increases positivity and focuses your energy on something more productive, whether it changes the outcome or not, it decreases anxiousness. Focus on where you want to go, not where you do not want to go
if it is something you can change, use imagination, imagery, and creativity to solve or deal with it and imagine succeeding in the task vividly.

practice these techniques often and they will get easier and become 2nd nature!

Hypnotherapy can help, and sometimes it’s easier to have someone to help guide your thoughts, please do contact me if you would like some guidance and a complimentary mp3 for relaxation with your first appointment 

​best wishes Pippa

July 2016 :  School Holidays looming ........ this can be a stressful time as juggling work , children  and everyday household jobs is difficult , time consuming and often gives no time for yourself.
a few tips to help you through these rather stressful  few weeks:

1. Remember to look after your own mental well being first! as they say in airplanes while going through the safety briefing ' put your oxygen on first before helping anyone else' this is important , as you will not be any good for anyone if you are exhausted and stressed and then eventually ill!! so make time for what you enjoy doing to de stress, it could be a lovely relaxing bath with oils or bubbles or candles etc, or a walk in a beautiful garden /park or wood etc, or just listening to relaxing music or meditation , just take a small amount of 'time out' to re charge your batteries 

2. Children do not have to be entertained every minute of the holidays, let them find something fun to do , or give them a challenge that will keep them occupied without too much input from anyone else. perhaps a treasure hunt for younger children e.g. the roundest stone, longest leaf, snailshell, prettiest flower , straightest stick etc etc anything that may fire up imagination and give everyone a little de stress time. some baking for an older person so you have a lovely afternoon tea to look forward to!

3. Keep your fluid intake up, jugs of cold water in the fridge just ready to be poured ( slices of lemon or cucumber make it extra refreshing), you will then not be diving for the sweet drinks and then feel guilty. this also goes for food, if you have fruit already washed and chopped in the fridge like strawberry, blueberry , pineapple etc or carrot, pepper sticks it is easy to dip into those rather than feeling you need biscuits and sweets which, long term, do not make you feel good!

4. if at work all day, with evening being lighter , try and get some exercise fitted in your daily routine, this will have a multitude of benefits, if you take the children out on a walk, as well, it will give you quality family time too! If you think it is the last thing you feel like doing, it probably means it is exactly the right thing to do! 

5. Do not forget , if you are getting stressed just slow your breathing down , just five breaths taking longer to breathe OUT than in , will help you feel calmer immediately, and you will be able to face what ever challenges are being thrown to you!!


best wishes Pippa