Warrior Settler or Nomad?

Which personality are you? we all  have something of each of these personalities which have come down through our genes for generations, but we all have a dominant type and this is responsible for our reactions and emotional responses to situations.

​It is fascinating looking at the different personalities and working out the dominant one in our parents, siblings, children or even work colleagues, and it is invaluable to know how to work with the different types to get the best outcome in any situation! Also learn about your own dominant personality that may be driving your worries and causing you inner conflict, once known all your personalities can work together to resolve any situation you find yourself in ....they are your 'perfect little helpers' that just need a nudge in the right direction to help out.

for example: the Warrior personality needs to feel in control at all times, so never give an ultimatum to them that they feel they have no choice over!

​the Nomad needs to have some excitement about the task they are given or to feel they are special to be able to do the task, if they think they are just part of a crowd they will rebel!

the Settler needs to feel liked and appreciated, they will be happy being part of a team and love the team spirit and camaraderie that that entails especially if they have to provide some cake too!!


take the quiz below and see what comes out, it may not be what you expect!

WSN ( Warrior Settler Nomad)

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